<< Quality

At ZUBIALDE, we feel it essential that all the facets of quality be addressed, whether they relate to the customer, process, service, management of expectations, involvement of human resources or innovation. Sticking to such necessary words as 'Quality Assurance' or 'Continuous Improvement' is not sufficient however. The idea of quality must be linked to the unavoidable dynamics and metamorphosis imposed on growth and progress by changing environments today.Our challenge is 'ZUBIALDE in search of quality'. This does not only refer to plans and procedures, but also to the road towards the concept, implementation, impact and scope of quality.


Process Control

We have an intelligent integrated plant control and management system. In addition to easy introduction of and access to measurements and other real-time as well as statistical data of the plant, this system permits an effective control of the process variables and the processing of every information for use wherever necessary: in the control room, in other areas of the production centre and at the decision-making levels, regardless of whether the medium used is the control system's network, the plant's data network or the web.