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For our process, we use softwood trees, the scientifically so-called Pinus Radiata D. Don species for the most part. This conifer, whose common names are pinus insignis, Monterey cypress and pinus radiata, was introduced in the Basque Autonomous Region (CAV) in the 19th century and it presently accounts for 43% of the CAV's forests of all species. ZUBIALDE sits in the heart of this tree-covered area that surrounds it in a radius of 100km. To a lesser extent, we also employ maritime pine (pinus pinaster) native to the Landes in Gascony, the greatest extension of resinous trees in Western Europe (ca. 1,000,000ha). The wood we receive comes partly from selective and sanitation felling carried out in order to clean and to invigorate the forests, and partly from ends of older pines cut for supplies to sawmills.