<< Production

< Debarking >

Logs are delivered in 2m lengths and are debarked mechanically. The bark proceeds to the heating oil boiler that warms air for the flash pulp dryer

> Cutting >

Part of the debarked logs are cut off to lengths of 1m for further processing with grinders. The rest is chipped for use in the refiners

< Chips<

All the chips, both in-house produced and bought-out, are sorted according to size, cleared free of sawdust and washed with process white water in order to eliminate any mud left.

> Pulp >

Logs and chips are defibrated and refined, resulting in mechanical pulp. Pulp is purified in several stages and waste is reprocessed through another line. If necessary, pulp is bleached in the (H2O2) peroxide bleaching plant.

< Drying <

An Andritz press dewaters the pulp mechanically prior to flash hot-air drying.

< Baling <

Pulp is compacted and pressed into bales by two presses, 500-ton and 900-ton capacity respectively, before strapping and wiring.

> Warehouse >

Strapped bales are stored in one of our two warehouses that can accommodate 5,000 metric tons in total..