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Zubialde es un Fabricante de Pasta de Papel con Certificación ISO 9001 Acreditada por la ENAC

Zubialde, under its commitment to the responsible management of the forests and plantations, and in line with the desire to achieve the highest standards of quality in the products provided to its customers, the , Zubialde Management Group, was created, which has obtained the , FSC® certificate.


The FSC® certificate, awarded by the international FSC and verified by an independent certification body, guarantees that the management carried out in these forests is:

- Environmentally sound, protecting and conserving the ecosystems and minimising any possibly negative environmental impact.
- Socially beneficial, guaranteeing the rights of the workers and local communities.
- Economically viable, applying an orderly forestry culture.


Currently, this Group comprises four forest management units in Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia, Navarra and Alava. Consisting of conifers and native bushland, in which a Management Plan is being followed that covers both the technical questions and the monitoring of actions and the prevention and mitigation of negative environmental and social impacts.


A summary of these management plans is available for your perusal via email
If you have anything to contribute, or any criticism regarding the management of these forests, you can do so by sending this form to

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Zubialde paper pulp material

For our process, we use softwood tree species, of the species known scientifically as Pinus radiata Or Pinus Insignis.

Radiata Don

Pinus Insignis, Monterrey Cypress

Known as the Pinus Insignis, Monterey Cypress or Pinus Radiata was introduced to the Basque Country in the nineteenth century. Nowadays, it represents 43% of all species.

100 km
radius of trees

In the heart of the Basque Autonomous Region

Zubialde is in the heart of this tree-covered area surrounding it within a radius of 100 km in the centre of the historical Basque Country.

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Custom made and on request, Zubialde is a highly flexible supplier of high quality, high performance paper pulp.